The science fiction of face recognition has successfully become fully available technology. The price reduction of cameras, servers and connections, with increased quality of image processing allow to apply biometrics of faces to accurately solve various important tasks in retail, financial and security industries. We specialize on marketing, sales, customer management. All solutions that are based on face recognition are aimed to increase the efficiency in the specified spheres of business. We know how to apply face recognition for precise measurement and improvement your RFM (recency – frequency – monetary) indicators.

Calculation of visitors and flow analysis

Visitors calculation

The technology of face recognition allows pricewise quantifying your success factors:

  • Attendance of the sales spot;

  • Surrounding traffic;

  • Run-through of outdoor advertizing by target audience.

Flow analysis

Due to individual characteristics of each person, comparison of persons in a flow, within flows, at the entrance – exit, allows (beside simple calculation), to analyze:

  • Duration of customer visit inside the outlet;

  • Frequency and recency of visits;

  • Efficiency and effects of marketing campaigns;

  • Tight SKUs and purchases to real persons.

Flow segmentation

Face recognition technologies assigns individual features to segment the flow and the customers:

  • Social demographic (sex, age, couples, with children, families);

  • Emotions;

  • Type of visitors’ (employees, clients, attendants);

  • Customer frequency and recency (casual, 1st time, constant, loyal, sleeping);

  • Share of your target audience in the nearby flows.

We are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss business cases and results of completed projects.

Real time alerts

If you agree that live communication is important for your business, we are ready to customize the alerting system to inform your staff about specific customer upon his\her visit. In real time, the specified list of your employees will receive an email or\and SMS notice that the customer is approaching the outlet. Usually, a piece of valuable details will be added to the message to maximize the live communication value:

  • Last contact details (visits, inbound calls and requests, purchases, current products);

  • Personal information (birthday of the client or a family member, hobbies and nearest events, etc);

  • Hints and recommendations (general or personal discounts, next best offer, prediction of the visit purpose, etc.).