All Marketing Logic products are based on powerful recourses for computing. The bigger recourses are devoted, the more useful and precise are the products. Distributed computing, control mechanisms, safety of clients’ data are the pillars of blockchain and cryptocurrency, that will broaden and improve Marketing Logic product line, introduce it to international markets and for new business spheres.


Each spots has 70 000 variables, if we compare 2 spots we need to process 140 thousands parameters. Usual task to compute location potential or any other prediction for the whole city requires 1 000 000 times more computations. Blockchain technology allows to distribute computing over many users and award for the verified results as for mining.

Video analytics

Processing of video streams is a part of Biometrics, and also requires large computing recourses for neural networks populations. In this case, the unit of work as being a block in a chain, is the task to calculate people flow, identify a person and compare with data base, define sex and age of visitors and customers. Development of quality and quantity of the product has broad application, as examples: safety of cryptowallet holders, efficiency of advertisement and markeing, public transport optimization.