CRM and Client strategy

Segmentation of the customer base is the initial step to develop and tailor the set of appropriate activities. It defines the answers to the questions: What? Whom? When? Where? and How to offer? Obviously, we have to know much about each client. The proper processing with customer base requires investments into big data The latter are limitless, have to be justified and returned in reasonable time. At the same time, financial industry has lots about customers and their behavior, but uses less than 30% of the data, and only 15% of data is used for the improvement of business profitability. In other industries the data is less, but the utilization is higher. Anyway, the notions of “omni-channel”, “customer care”, “service quality” have to correspond to expenses and have strong positive correlation with business results. We help to find right balance, assess limits of achievements and develop cost-of-benefit analysis of any CRM activity.

Development of technologies to work with clients:

Optimization and monetization of existing customer base

Enhancement of data and analytics:

  • Development of universal policies for data and management of data quality;

  • Implementation of minimum data requirements for all products, operations, behaviors;

  • Calculation of RFM of indicators on a personal level;

  • It is important to any organization to make strategic shift from contracts accounting to customer analytics. Since the management of individuals as the “contact points” and “decision centers” brings the bottom line and results in profits. We are ready to share our experience of various customer analytics projects in all elements of the path "Contracts > Products > Segments > Client".

Campaign management

Regardless of process maturity level, campaigns shall be run constantly, have minimum target group, be both reactive and proactive. To enhance the growth of the function, campaign segments and activities shall be oriented to employ blockchain principles. Usually, our customer analytics projects include the following elements of campaign management:

  • Internal operational processes of planning and execution of campaigns;

  • Valuation and efficiency increase of campaigns;

  • Communication policies;


The effectiveness of acquisition depends on how early and correctly you can “colour” the customer: good\bad\ grey. Then, you define a suitable product, and make precise price offer. Our geo-data, expertise and algorithms will save your time to find the answers:

  • Who among my clients bring profit?

  • Where are my target groups are concentrated and what influences their behavior?

  • How to sell more?

  • How to improve marketing ROI?

  • What to do with the averages: to invest or to cut costs?

To make a cost-benefit analysis and answer these questions we employ mathematical modeling in addition to focus groups, opinion polls, lifestyle descriptions.

Financial planning

All our efforts have measurable financial results:

  • Increase of sales of the most profitable products and services;

  • Costs reduction on acquisition, development and retention of customers;

  • Development of objective forecasts and sales plans on the basis of the products and services demanded among concrete groups of clients;