We love mathematics and programming. We are sure, that our projects are useful and improve the world. We grow quickly and we need specialists that know and apply: Python, C#, PHP, Java, PostgreSQL, OpenCV, TensorFlow for optimizing calculations, development of predictive models, structuring and matching big data, machine vision and machine decisioning.

Besides salary and office space with free gym, we can offer:

  • Lot of work and difficult tasks
  • Internships for students and mentoring for freshmen
  • Flexible worktime and partially distance work
  • Creation and management of your own product
  • Powerful working stations (xeon, nvidia)

Important! We value in each team member and look in each candidate:

  • Broad outlook, optimism, open mind, stable humor sense
  • Absolute integrity to clients, team, and yourself
  • Need for knowledge, advancement, development of new technologies
  • Fluent English

Big advantage – your technical or mathematical education, and great advantage – your wins or prize at relative olimpiсs and contests.

If the majority of the above is close to you, please share your resume: