We employ the modern technologies of telemarketing, voice and speech recognition for complete automation of phone calls and conversations. The elimination of manual labor allows to work very effectively with client base to conduct surveys, researches, congratulations, run welcome and follow up calls. Full automation cuts expenses on communications by 4 – 5 times and allows to obtain qualitative data for the subsequent analysis and application.

Stages of a standard project::

  • Definition of purposes, business tasks and limitations of a project;

  • Voicing of scripts by professional actors;

  • Programming of IVR branches programming and call strategies;

  • Campaigns execution and voice recording;

  • Analysis of tonalities, loudness, interruptions;

  • Speech recognition (transformation to the text);

  • Text mining and customers analysis;

  • Description and presentation of results, transfer of final documents and databases.

Example of an OBTM project

Automation of outbound campaign

  • Number of unique customers: 500 000 in 6 time zones;

  • Campaign preparation time: 7 working days;

  • Campaign execution time: 5 working days;

  • Results processing time: 9 working days;

  • Total cost for the client: 1,5 – 1,7 million rubles, cost of 1 contact (73% RPC, success rate): 4,4 rubles

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